Oneword Designer Application

A bimonthly event created around one single word! Word suggestions will be submitted, single words to be exact. The top 5 most submitted words will be chosen to be voted upon! The top word to get the most votes will be the word for that current upcoming round! Designers will design products based upon that single word!

Oneword Round Twelve
July 17th - July 31st
Word: Boho

➤Facebook Group:
➤Flickr Group:

➤No templates are allowed. This is a 100% original content event. Pose makers if you are going to be using mesh props they need to be made by you or commissioned.

➤You are required to make at least one new exclusive for the round. You can sell the exclusive in your main stores after the round concludes. Gachas are allowed as your exclusive release.

➤We require you participate in at least one round a year. There are rounds 6 times a year in January, March, May, July, September & November. Starting on the 17th of the month for each.

➤Pay on time.
Anyone who doesn't pay on time won't be allowed to participate in the round be sure to keep track via notices and our notecard to when deadlines are due.

➤Setup on time.
Anyone not setup on time by the deadline will be dropped from the round without a refund. We haven't been very strict on this in the past but will be from here on out. We give designers a month and half to plan ahead and design their exclusive. Waiting for the last minute won't be accepted. No one likes an empty booth when an event starts.

If you need to drop from the round you paid for please let us know ahead of time. Anyone who doesn't setup/contact us before the event starts will get a warning and be dropped down to a Guest Designer role in group. If you do so for the second time you will be kicked from group no exceptions.

➤Place our posters for the event in your store. We will provide a generic event poster for you to place in your store year round.

We will also have a specific poster for each round with the designers participating on it themed for that word round. If you are participating in that round be sure to place that in your store as well.

➤Join our inworld group Oneword Designers & Bloggers. This is needed for keeping up to date on the events notices, sending blogger packs out if you desire too and rezzing rights.

➤Do not violate LL TOS in your products. We won't stand for anything that is violating Linden Labs TOS and you'll be removed from the event if you do. Please refer to for any questions regarding this.
The event will start on the 1st of each rounds month and run through the end of that month. A full schedule will be provided upon acceptance.

All applications will be reviewed and we'll contact you if you're accepted. Please don't contact us regarding the status of your application.

Any questions or concerns about Oneword please contact MelissaJeanne Flores or Rockstarroo Gossipgirl!
Thanks for your interest and we hope to work with you soon!

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