In June, the City Council required the NYC Department of Education (DOE) & School Construction (SCA) authority to produce a report outlining which schools need air conditioning. You can download the report from DOE and SCA at the bottom of this page: http://bradlander.nyc/toohottolearn

Unfortunately, the new report (attachment can be found at the above link) fails to provide critical information. So we are asking for help from parents, students, and educators to fill in the missing information.

Here's how you can help:

1) Fill out this quick survey to tell us about the need for air conditioning in your school. (How many classrooms lack A/C? Is there A/C in the auditorium?)
2) Tell your friends with kids at other schools to help us too. Send them to http://bit.ly/TooHotToLearn and share your experiences using #toohottolearn

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