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Google Launchpad offers one-off mentoring events for startups and app developers. Detailed information about the events in Prague and nearby locations are at

To register, please fill in essential information about your startup. We'll keep you informed about all upcoming events relevant for you (according to your preferences).
About the events
AGENDA | 1:1 intensive mentoring sessions with top mentors from abroad and local ecosystem, taking 1/2 day for in-person events. In addition to mentoring, most events offer also: Practical Talks (how-to regarding topics like A/B testing, growth & monetisation, MVP) ; Codelab (hands-on session for developers led by Google Developer Experts) ; Networking.

WHO | Startups and mobile app owners/developers as mentees ; experienced Launchpad mentors, including Google Developer Experts, Googlers

WHERE | Prague and nearby locations

PRICE | Free for startups

LANGUAGE | Mostly English (to suit foreign mentors)

The topics and length differ from event to event. You will see details of the specific events later in the application or via e-mail informing you about new events.
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Launchpad offers one-off regular mentoring events. Our events differ in the topic and mentor crew, so you will always get new insights. We will send you a personalized invitation and provide you more details in an individual mail after you are selected to attend.
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Your agreement is needed, if you want to attend any Launchpad events.
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