2018 FUGE "Track Options"
Track Times are created to give students the opportunity to participate in something with which they are familiar, or try something new! Students are divided into “tracks” based on a list of activities they indicate during the registration process. We offer creative, active, performance, and classroom-based activities during these times, and each track is led by a member of the FUGE staff.

Please choose 6 track times in which you would like to participate! If you choose more than 6, I will choose them for you. Students will choose 6 options but will not participate in all 6. FUGE leadership will place you in BEST availability for the week.
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Topics include the areas of music, art, stage, and media. Those listed as performance tracks will be on stage at some point during the Track Time Showcase.
These tracks are specific to Union University.
These tracks are designed to assist in discipling campers in their Christian walk and helping them live a balanced, healthy lifestyle.
These tracks are recreation/sports based.
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