Disable the Doomsday Device
Greetings, Agent 24410--Codename: Reader. We need your help! Your nemesis has placed the entire city in peril with a weapon of mass destruction. We've managed to track his location to an underground complex. From there, we've lost his trail. We need your brilliant mind to solve the puzzles, find the Doomsday device and deactivate it or the city could be lost!

(If you are good at puzzles, we'd like you to time yourself and tell us how you did. Good luck, Reader.)
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There are two to three possible ways to get to the Doomsday chamber. Choose which one you think best and get to the center of the base, Reader, but be careful! There are patrols, but their signals have been carefully masked so we can't tell you where they might be lurking. Good luck! *
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