2019-2020 Performing Arts Gentlemen 7/8 Uniform
Uniforms are standard sizes. Specific measurements to help determine the best size for your child can be found on the handout given to them in class OR on our website under the forms page.
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White Tuxedo Shirt *
Sleeve Length *
Adjustable Tuxedo Pants (Size given by waist) *
Bow Tie *
Payments can be made using My Payment Plus or by using a school envelope and then putting it into the black box. Payment may be split up into smaller payments as long as the total is paid by August 23rd. (complete uniform is $60 total, shirt/bow tie or tux pants alone are $30 each) *
I understand that I need to provide black socks and SOLID BLACK DRESS SHOES with no white on the shoe, including on the sole or small details. *
I understand that this uniform is required to participate in all performing arts concerts at Daniell Middle School. *
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