DSW Health and Safety Declaration
Swimming is healthy and fun, but carries with it serious risks of injury, disability or even drowning.

We want everyone to take part, and to take part safely.

Our Health and Safety requirements are laid out on our club webpage: https://dsw.org.nz/swim-with-us/health-and-safety/

The declarations you make in this form are to ensure that you:
  • recognise the risks that there are in swimming with the club;
  • understand the measures by which we manage and reduce those risks;
  • agree to abide by the rules and procedures of the club, and also the rules and procedures of the venues we swim at.
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Pool and Club Rules
Specific rules at the pools we swim at include:
  • Not running on the poolside;
  • Not bringing glass into pool areas;
  • Keeping bags and equipment clear of the poolside;
At the Aquadome specifically:
  • No diving into the pool;
  • No one should be in the water when the pool covers are being pulled across;
  • No one should ever swim alone;
At all venues club members should follow the instructions of our coach, pool staff, and follow the rules of the club

Uncoached swimming sessions
If we have a DSW session at which the coach cannot be present, there are additional requirements.

In all pools we must have someone on the poolside watching to ensure everyone is OK.
  • At Kilbirnie Pool (or any pool with lifeguards), in an uncoached session the poolside person is called the First Responder, they can alert the lifeguards if there is any need for help.
  • At the Aquadome the poolside person needs to be a club member, and should be ready to ask other swimmers for help, and call 111 if required.  (Only offer help if you feel confident to do so.)
In uncoached sessions at the Aquadome no one should ever swim in a lane alone.
Emergency Procedures
  • In the event of a fire or other emergency requiring evacuation follow the instructions of pool staff.  At the Aquadome leave the pool by the nearest exit.  The assembly area is the netball courts (the car parking area).
  • In the event of an earthquake leave the pool if possible and drop, cover and hold.  Remain inside the building until the shaking stops.  Follow the instructions of pool staff.  At the Aquadome exit to the netball courts if it is safe to do so.
  • If a tsunami warning is issued move to higher ground (particularly if at Kilbirnie Pool: assemble at the tennis courts on Crawford Road)
My responsibilities
  • I will monitor my own health during sessions, and ask for help if I need it;
  • I will not swim if I am unwell (particularly with a gastric condition);
  • I will notify the club coach or pool staff of any hazards I notice;
  • In an emergency I will only assist if I feel confident to do so;
Note: at the Aquadome a First Aid kit is available in the Plant Room, and an AED (defibrilator) is located outside the pool (on PE Block, directly south of the pool). 
I am swimming at my own risk
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