is a collaboration between me and you, bonded by flowers over the love of still lives.

From the Dutch still life masters to your skin, I want to make this tattoo an experience for both me and you.
Before you apply, I want to make it clear that even though we both make flowers and composition choices you will have to trust me in the late stages of this project and it will take at least two days.

first DAY
Firstly we will meet and share our ideas, our inspirations and talk a little.
Secondly we will visit the flower market to choose some flowers to create our still life project.

second DAY
1: We will make a still life with the flowers we chose and with some objects you might want to include,
2: We will make rendering choices for the composition we both made,
3: Tattoo our project.

To BOOK this project I will need a deposit of 50€ just to reserve the spot and make sure you come,

These will be the tattoo the prices
min. size 12 cm: 300
up to 14 cm: 350
up to 16 cm: 400
up to 20 cm: 500
bigger projects start at 500 for 4 hours + 50 per hour
and an extra 50 will be added if you want to get tattooed on the torso: I will not be working on ribs for this project

These prices include the flowers, healing cream and touch-ups if needed.
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