High School Parent Permissions for School Year 2018-2019
Dear SMS families,

Welcome (or welcome back) to SMS! We are delighted to begin a year of learning and music with you and your child. It seems that everyone, from kindergartner to twelfth grader, approaches the first day of school excited by hopes and dreams. We anticipate a great year of teaching, learning and growth for your child. This first week includes some clerical responsibilities for families. We appreciate your help in completing this form.

Thanks and here’s to a great year.
Katie and Kristen

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I, the parent/guardian of the student named above, hereby give my permission for my son/daughter to take walking trips during the school day. I hereby release the Department of Education from any claims that arise from or in connection with my child’s participation in these trips. I agree not to hold the school or any of its employees or the Department of Education or any of its employees responsible for any expenses or injuries that my child may incur while engaged in the trip. I understand that my child is responsible for his/her behavior at all times. If, in the view of the faculty advisor conducting the trip, my child becomes involved in behavior that presents a danger to himself/herself or other students, appropriate steps will be taken to protect all students. I agree that, in the event of an injury the teacher in charge of the trip may act on my behalf in obtaining medical treatment for my child. I have informed the school of any permanent or temporary condition, which should be known about my child.
Kaufman Music Center
Use of any of the Special Music School computers, computer networks and Internet services is a privilege, which may be restricted or revoked at any time. All school rules for behavior and communication shall also apply to use of school computers, networks and the Internet. Anyone who uses school computers or computer services agrees to comply with school policies and regulations and the rules of any network accessed. Students must follow the directions of authorized teachers and school staff. School computers may never be used for commercial purposes to include offering, providing or purchasing goods or services for personal use. Students who use equipment without permission, who access or attempt to access unauthorized databases, who procure inappropriate information or images, who use inappropriate or demeaning language or who damage or deface computer hardware or software will lose their computer use privileges and/or be subject to disciplinary action and held responsible for financial damage, if applicable. If the computer usage is required in the student’s course work, misuse may affect the student’s academic grade. 1. Personal Responsibility As a student representative of this school, I will accept personal responsibility for reporting any misuse of the network to an appropriate staff member. Misuse may come in many forms, but is commonly viewed as any message sent or received that indicates or suggests pornography, unethical or illegal solicitation, racism, sexism, inappropriate language, any form of plagiarism (not accurately crediting another author’s work - including the work of other students) and other issues described below. 2. Acceptable Use The use of the Internet at school must be in support of educational goals and/or research. I understand that the school computers are not to be used for recreation, games, web logging or ecommerce of any kind. I also understand that sending or receiving information in violation of any class rule, school policy, state or federal regulation or this contract is prohibited. The following materials may not be sent or received by students: obscene or pornographic material, profanity or graphic pictures that may be offensive to others in our school community, material which promotes racial, ethnic or religious hatred, copyrighted material (without expressed permission and/or without proper crediting) or threatening, harassing, demeaning, or obscene material. I will be personally responsible for this provision at all times when using the Internet or other electronic information service. Messages relating to or in support of illegal activities will be reported by school officials to law enforcement authorities. 3. Privileges The use of any information system and its resources is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in a cancellation of those privileges as well as possible disciplinary action. Each student is to use his or her school assigned User ID (Login Name) and password. Use of someone else’s ‘user account’ is a violation of this contract. All parties involved will have access to the school network, computers and its resources denied; and in addition, the user will be subject to disciplinary action. 4. Services Special Music School makes no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the service it is providing. Special Music School will not be responsible for any damages suffered while on this system. These damages include loss of data as a result of delays or service interruptions caused by the system or anyone’s errors or omissions. Use of any information obtained via the computer information system is at your own risk. Special Music School specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy of information obtained through allowing access to the Internet. 5. Network Etiquette and Privacy You are expected to abide by the generally accepted rules of network etiquette. These rules include (but are not limited to) the following: a. APPROPRIATE LANGUAGE: You are expected to use appropriate and considerate language. The use of profanity or abusive or demeaning language will result in disciplinary action. b. PRIVACY: Do not reveal any personal information, your home address, personal phone numbers or any information about other students or staff. c. Do not share your USERNAME or PASSWORD with anyone. You may be held liable for someone else’s misconduct. d. DISRUPTIONS: Do not use the network in any way that would disrupt the use of the network by others. 6. Security Security on any computer system is a high priority because there are so many users. Special Music School reserves the right to monitor all use on these systems either electronically or by school personnel. If you identify a security problem, notify your teacher, the System Administrator at once. Never demonstrate the problem to other users. Never use another individual’s account. Any incidence of hardware or software damage (including viruses), any attempt to use equipment without permission or access unauthorized databases will be cause for disciplinary action, and students will be held responsible for any financial impact. Any user identified as a security risk will be denied access to the computer information system.
SMS has officially gone Google. The Google App tools for students will include gmail, calendar, contacts, and drive. In Google Drive students will have access to documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and drawings. Electronic communication and digital citizenship are important skills for 21st century students. By providing these online tools, SMS equips students with the skills necessary for success in post secondary education and the work place. A Google Apps for Education account: increases student access to teachers, allows student access to Google products including Google Docs and Google Calendar, provides online file storage space available anytime, anywhere, allows teachers to share files with students, extends the classroom learning environment to the home, allows for collaboration among students in the classroom, within a building, and with other schools, facilitates group projects, provides students with the opportunity to build an electronic portfolio of their school learning experiences, provides teachers additional ways to assess student learning, and allows teachers to provide discreet and effective differentiated instruction. The use of these and other online tools should be limited to instructional and school-related activities. Teachers will make every reasonable effort to monitor student conduct related to class content in order to maintain a positive learning environment. All participants will respect the teacher’s time and professionalism by supporting the same positive approach. All participants will be respectful in their postings and comments. No cyberbullying, inappropriate language, personal insults, profanity, spam, racist, sexist or discriminatory remarks, or threatening comments will be tolerated. All participants must protect their login and password information. If participants suspect that a password has been compromised, they must notify the teacher immediately. No participant may share his/her login information of information about the site with anyone who is not a participant. Any participant who is aware of violations of this agreement by others must report these violations to the teacher immediately, either verbally or in writing. Copyrighted material that is not cited in any student work will be deemed as plagiarism and disciplined accordingly. Student users are strictly prohibited from accessing documents other than their own unless documents have been shared with them. SMS reserves the right to access the Google system of user accounts when there is suspicion that unacceptable use has occurred. No posting or comment may facilitate or promote illegal activity, personal financial gain, chain letters, commercial purposes, false identity, either directly or indirectly. Access to and use of the student’s Google account is considered a privilege. SMS maintains the right to terminate the access and use of their Google account when there is reason to believe that violations of law or school policies have occurred. SMS cannot and does not guarantee the security of electronic files used in Google Apps for Education. Google does have a content filter, however, the school cannot ensure that users will not be exposed to unsolicited information.
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