Cascadia Survey
Your participation in this survey is strictly voluntary but appreciated. You may skip any question you do not wish to answer. Your responses will remain anonymous. This survey will be used to improve future iterations of the game. Survey answers will be summarized in a report for the UW Program on Climate Change, but no personal information will be published.
For each of the following statements, choose TRUE or FALSE:
Climate change is a serious problem.
The majority of climate change's most severe effects will be felt far out into the future.
It is not necessary at this time to take measures to protect ourselves against climate change.
Climate change cannot be stopped, so there is no point in doing anything about it.
Climate change is something that will affect people in other countries, not mine.
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Rate your level of agreement in the following statements on a scale of 1-5.
1 (strongly disagree)
2 (disagree)
3 (neutral)
4 (agree)
5 (strongly agree)
I understand the negative effects of climate change.
I believe that climate change is a legitimate problem.
Climate change has the potential to affect human civilization in the future.
The severity of future climate change effects is largely dependent on what we do today.
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How often do you play video games?
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What type of games do you prefer?
If you play video games, on what platform do you prefer to play them?
Demographic Information
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Zip Code (US Only)
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