PAT Legislative Committee: Action in Response to Gun Violence

As the PAT Legislative Committee, it is our charge to communicate with local, state, and federal lawmakers, and at this time we want to uplift your voices and our students' voices. During non-contract hours, please share your stories, quotes, and reflections with us and we will pass them on to lawmakers at every level of government.

The message we want to share is simple: Our stories matter. Our students’ lives matter. It is past time for our elected leaders to enact common sense gun laws.

When sending written comments and quotes, please redact any personal information and ensure no student identifiable information is shared (sharing grade level and age is okay). Please fill out this google form to share your voice. We hope to have enough by Saturday, May 28th, but if you can't send by then, send anyway. Comments and quotes may be edited to ensure student anonymity. Please let us know if you want to share your name and contact information, or if you prefer to share anonymously. Below are a few examples we have already received for reference.

Thank you for helping us to share stories with lawmakers. As Ida B. Wells-Barnett once said, “The way to right wrongs is to shine the light of truth on them”. It is time to share our truths.

In Solidarity,
PAT Legislative Committee and PAT Leadership
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Student Quotes:
“I’m scared, I don’t want to sit by the windows anymore.” - 7 year old, raised hand, unprompted, 5/25/22.

Educator Story/Letter :
To Whom It May Concern,
Today, after not sleeping much last night, I put on my body armor (a denim dress), and prepared myself for all the questions I would answer today. How would I tell the families of the 6 & 7 year olds in my care that I will support them through this emotional rollercoaster? Many of whom didn’t have children 10 years ago, when the children of Sandy Hook were murdered. But I was an educator then, so I am now prepared for this. A parent asks me, “What do I say to my children?- I share the resources. A family asks me, “Is our school safe?- I share the protocols & my Stop the Bleed, military tourniquet training.  A caregiver asks me, “Should I keep my child home today?”- I offer advice. Teaching in this country has forced me to prepare for this, but it doesn't matter - the children still cry, the families are still scared, I am still preparing to put myself in front of a bullet for my students, while I pretend I am teaching math. I do not have answers, I do not have solutions, It should not be my responsibility. My job is to teach, my job is to create joyful learning experiences for our youngest and most vulnerable students. Of course I will protect them. But it is the job of policy makers to keep guns out of schools. Do your job, so I can do mine.
-Anonymous teacher of 1st grade students (6 and 7 year olds), PPS
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