Bixby 6th Grade Band Enrollment (2020-2021)
Hello Bixby Parents!!

Please use this form to enroll your student in 6th grade band for 2020-2021.

* Your child does not need any prior experience to join the band....all are welcome.

* Your child does not need to know anything about the instruments or how to play an instrument.....that is what beginning band is all about.

* We will spend the first week of school letting each 6th grade band student try all the instruments to determine which one they want to play.

* By the end of 6th grade your student will know how to play an instrument and be a musician!

* 6th grade is the only time your student can join the Bixby bands....Don't miss this opportunity!!!

* 6th Grade Beginning Band is a one year commitment only. If your student chooses to continue in 7th grade great!

We hope your child will join the largest organization at Bixby Public Schools and be one of the 250+ 6th graders who will learn an instrument next year. We look forward to a great year of music making with your student.

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