Undervine weed control in vineyards
We have created a new weed control concept that uses high-intensity laser light to kill weeds growing undervine. The concept is still in development, so we want to know your initial thoughts and feedback on the concept.
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The laser weeder
A laser weeder front-mounted to a tractor (left) and view of high-intensity laser treating a weed (right)
The laser weeder delivers high-intensity energy to the growing stem of the weed, which causes a sharp rise in plant temperature, and results in plant death. Testing so far has shown it is very effective in killing smaller weeds, with testing still underway to optimise control of larger weeds. Full plant death occurs in 14 days or less for successfully treated weeds. The laser unit is robust, can be front, rear or mid-mounted and is fully shrouded for operator safety.
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We are seeking further feedback on the product. If you can spare 10 minutes to discuss this further, please provide your name, location and email address.
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