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What up!? Welcome to Chive Nation. This is the biggest community of awesome human beings ever created by the internet. What bonds us together? Probably the best site in the world, theChive. It's a pretty awesome website and we all decided that the core values of the site translates pretty well into our social lives. We appreciate humor, hotness, heart, and of course, our heroes. We take our online community and turn it into an offline network of friends and good times. When Chive Nation gets together we try our best to make the world or at least our communities a better place. We gather in bars, sports arenas, parks, concert halls, or really anywhere we can all fit in. Here's the cool part. Whenever we get together Chivers and Chivettes from around the globe represent our community by volunteering or raising money for charity.

So! You're probably here because you want to start a Chive Chapter in your neighborhood and get all the awesome Chivers near you together. Before we roll ahead, let's check a few blocks and make sure we start you off on the right foot.

1) Chive Admins are bar none the most dedicated and awesome Chivers on the planet. They volunteer their time and talents to a degree most would consider a second job, and in most cases it's true. They are the prime example of what it means to party with a purpose and they put in the extra hours because they genuinely care about the end result - a world that is 10% happier.

2) Our admins are not paid employees or representatives of theChive or any of our affiliates. This is a completely voluntary and unofficial relationship. As you may come to find out from other admins, it's one of the most difficult but rewarding hobbies you will ever have. The smiles you will bestow upon people and the sense of accomplishment and community is what truly makes being an admin all worth it

3) We have certain expectations. Becoming a chapter means that we allow volunteers to use our trademarked branding in order to draw fellow fans of theChive to their community. We are trusting you to represent theChive and Chive Nation appropriately, run an awesome social media network, moderate online group activities, and plan some epic meetups.

4) There can actually be "too much of a good thing". With over 200 chive chapters currently operating all over the globe, we want to make sure that we aren't drowning our fans with parties and charity events. We're here to have a great time, not drain everyone of all their resources. Meetups are supposed to be very special events that allow us to celebrate taking our online community offline and having a huge impact for a great cause. If we have too many chapters operating in a small area, people end up with too many options, drama occurs, and too many meetups cause Chivers to become disinterested.

Still interested? Good! Fill out the survey below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Welcome to Chive Nation! KCCO!

If you have any questions or have any difficulty completing this survey, please send an email to

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