e-VELP - Become a Host Organisation! (deadline 31.01.2022)
Young Volunteer Educators e-Learning Program (e-VELP) is an Erasmus+ European project (2019-2022) which enables young people with migrant/refugee background to offer high quality workshops and share their knowledge, skills, and culture with local communities and organisations! Its aim is to create and expand an active community of passionate youth Volunteer Educators (VEs), Volunteer Educator Trainers (VE-Trainers), and Host Organisations by the end of 2021.

- Are you an Organisation based in Germany, Lithuania, Italy, Romania or Cyprus?
- Do you see an added value in hosting quality workshops given free-of-charge by our trained speakers?

Then, fill in the below questionnaire to go through the selection process.
Once we receive your interest, we will come back to you and let you know how you can proceed.

What value does a Host organisation gain?
- Qualitative workshops: access to free and valuable knowledge.
- Training opportunity for their staff and community members: Two free, university-certified trainings on how to share knowledge and how to enable others to share knowledge.
- Increase their social impact through workshops and our partnership.
- Increases their visibility and exposure to new members.
- Increase their global visibility through the e-VELP website. Selected host organisations will be invited to present their workshop experience in 5 e-VELP conferences taking place in Germany, Lithuania, Cyprus, Romania, and Italy in 2021-2022.
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Name of your Organisation? *
Name and surname of the contact person and his/her position *
Contact email *
What kind of entity are you? *
What values do you see in the project? What are your expectations? *
Why do you want to become a Host Organisation and host workshops? What is your motivation? *
What workshop topics would be interesting for your Organisation? *
How many of your community members or employee would be interested to participate in a workshop offered by Volunteer Educators? *
Does your Organisation have a space for hosting the e-VELP workshops (approx. 15 people)? *
In what format do you prefer to host the workshop? *
Will you need any kind of support services so you can host the workshops more effectively? *
Do you wish to enroll your STAFF MEMBERS in "Volunteer Educator Trainer" Program, where they will learn how to enable others to transfer their knowledge by offering workshops? *
Is it interesting for MEMBERS of your community with migrant/refugee background to participate in "Volunteer Educator" Program and learn how to share their knowledge with local communities by offering workshops? *
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