Focus Survey 
The ensuing questions are designed to acquire pertinent information from individuals who are not currently members of the Cypress Chamber of Commerce. This effort is aimed at enhancing our understanding of the organization's mission and elucidating the benefits we offer to the Cypress community.
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Can you provide a general idea of what the Chamber of Commerce does?
Where did you first learn about the Chamber of Commerce?
Have you had the opportunity to attend any Chamber events?
Are you acquainted with anyone who is or was a Chamber member?
Do you perceive the Chamber of Commerce as a nonprofit or for-profit entity?
Have you been a Chamber member at any point in time?
Are there any particular causes that you hold dear?
Are you a resident of Cypress or a local business owner here?
What types of events would attract your interest if the Chamber organized them in the future?
Have you ever contemplated joining the Chamber, and if so, what influenced your decision?

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