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Below, you will find 8 different situation you are likely to encounter while cleaning for CMOS. Please read every situation carefully, and choose what you personally would do in that situation.
It's 6 pm and you are on your way to a site you need to clean before 10 pm when you get a call that your partner had an accident and is in the hospital. What do you do? *
Today at 10 am you have an appointment with your account manager to discuss a new site you're going to clean. However, you had lots of work yesterday night, and only woke up at 9.30am. You know you won't be able to make it in time. What do you do? *
You are at home, and it's a couple of hours before you normally start working. You see that you had a few missed calls from your supervisor. What do you do? *
You get to a site you regularly clean and see that there has been a function you didn't know about. However, you don't have time to clean up all of it and do your regular tasks thoroughly, as you have to pick up your kids in an hour. What do you do? *
You've just started cleaning a new site, and you've received a ticket from your account manager that the client is really specific about where you put away the dishes. What do you do? *
You and a colleague normally each clean a level of a site. However, your colleague is sick, and you've been asked to replace them last minute. What do you do? *
Tonight, you start cleaning a new site, but your supervisor wasn't able to show you around the previous evening as he was sick. You did get a sheet with all the specifications of that site. What do you do? *
You are cleaning one of your regular sites and have thoroughly finished all your regular tasks half an hour before time. What do you do? *
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