REDEEMER CHURCH Facilities Rental Request
Thank you for your interest in renting space for your event at Redeemer Church, located in La Mirada, CA. Please fill out all of the relevant information below and submit this form so that we can determine the rental rate for your event.

If you have multiple events at different times of year, please fill out a different form for each event date. If your event takes place over multiple days in a row, you need only to fill out one form, but make sure to clearly outline all times for each day of your request.

If you would like to look over the facilities and ask questions before filling out this form, you may set up a time to meet with our staff by emailing us at
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4. Renter Contact ADDRESS *
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5. Rental Space Requested: *
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6. Number of Attendees: *
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Date(s) and Times of Event
If your event is only for a single day, please fill out questions 7-11.

If your event is for multiple days, please list out all times for each day in question 12
7. Date(s) of Event *
(Example: "May 22, 2013" or "July 1-3, 2013")
8. Set-up time starts at...
(This is when you will need to get into the building to prepare for event)
9. Event begins at...
(This is when participants will show up for event)
10. Event ends at...
(This is when the official event will be over)
11. Take-down and clean up ends at...
(This is when you will be completely done and leave the facilities)
12. (For multiple-day events) Please list out set-up, event beginning and ending times, and final end times for each day
13. Number of chairs needed: *
(Set up is not included in rental rate; if you need set-up, this fee would need to be determined by the Director of Facilities)
14. Number of tables needed: *
(Please specific whether round banquet or 6' rectangular table--i.e. 10 round banquet tables & 2 rectangular tables)
15. Other special requests:
(These may or may not be available, based on time and location on campus)
16. Cleaning Deposit / Custodial Fee: a cleaning deposit may be required based on rental request, or you may simply pay for custodial clean-up of your event for a fee determined by the Director of Facilities *
(Please mark which you would prefer for your event)
17. Liability Insurance: all outside organizations must have liability insurance to rent the facilities, unless waived by the church *
(Please mark your status regarding insurance)
18. Please add any other comments, questions, or information here:
Rental Expectations Guidelines
1. The use of the church building and/or properties for any purpose must be approved by church staff prior to any publication of event. The church office will contact you with our decision concerning your rental request. When you have received an invoice, this is confirmation of your request's approval.
2. Do not take any steps of action that assume use of facilities until approval has been given by the church.
3. The contact person listed above assumes responsibility of set-up and clean-up (including but not limited to: trash removal, washing dishes, tables, tablecloths, and vacuuming) and returning the room(s) used to their original condition.
4. The contact person will be responsible for locking all doors used during the scheduled event.
5. Payment for facility rental must be received by the church no later than ONE WEEK BEFORE the event, unless a deposit is required, which is due two weeks before event. (If a deposit is required, you will be informed of this at the time of approval.)
6. Cleaning deposit may be refunded in part or in whole based upon amount of cleaning by church staff that is needed subsequent to event. The pastor in charge of rentals will determine any cleaning that was not completed by the renter and document all details in follow-up communication with the contact person after the event.
7. No other equipment belonging to the church should be used without permission (drum set, sound systems, candles, decor, etc.).
8. Decorations should only be hung up with scotch tape or masking tape--no pins, nails, or other adhesives, glues, or tapes should be used).
9. If you need to cancel your event, we can refund your deposit according to the following schedule: up to one month before = 100% refund; up to two weeks before = 80% refund; up to one week before = 50% refund; up to one day before = 25% refund.
19. Rental Expectations Agreement *
(Please mark your agreement with the guidelines above)
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