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A supporter usually participates in the set up sessions and provides ongoing support. A supporter is someone who can support you to identify how you will best benefit from Brain in hand. Ideally you should have at least one nominated supporter. There are two types of supporter: 1)Personal supporter-a family member, partner or friend or 2)professional supporter-a key worker, social worker, mental health mentor, practitioner or anyone with professional support relationship with the user who will be involved with Brain in hand.
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About the user's emergency contact-please tell us who we can contact if concerns are raised for the user's safety. * Name:
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About the Personal planning sessions: Users have up to 4 hours of personal planning support delivered by a Brain in Hand specialists. This is usually delivered online using Microsoft Teams. Please let us know if you have any communication preferences or needs that we should be aware of when arranging or delivering their personal planning sessions.
Please let us know if you have any preferences or limitations in terms of when, or where we can schedule the personal planning sessions.
Additional support information: Please provide any information that will enable us to support you effectively. For example, are there any risk factors in relation to your wellbeing, or your level of engagement with support? Have you been supported by any organisations or services that help manage your wellbeing or independence? Are there any recent or predicted changes to your support frequency or network?
Using the Brain in hand system: To use brain in hand, you will need a phone or a tablet that is compatible with the brain in hand app. You will also need access to the internet via wifi or mobile data. Please confirm that the following criteria is met: * 1)Able to read and write in order to be able to update and and maintain your BiH account
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