Kremlin Watch Survey
Over the course of recent months, our team has sought to amend and enhance this weekly newsletter to better accommodate your needs and preferences. We would be grateful if you could evaluate our efforts by completing this questionnaire. It will take less than 10 minutes and the results will help us understand which elements of our product are most useful to you and which could still be improved.

The survey is completely anonymous and the questions concerning our readers are optional. They mean to help us find out what kind of audience we have in terms of geographic regions and positions in their respective communities.

How often do you open and read the Kremlin Watch Briefing?
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According to your opinion, which three initiatives are most actively countering Kremlin’s hostile influence in your country?
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What are the three most important information sources for you, when it comes to the Kremlin’s hostile influence in the West?
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Do you have any additional comments, suggestions or complaints?
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