Notice of Privacy Practices
This notice describes our office policy for how medical or financial information about you may be used and disclosed, how you can get access to this information, and how your privacy is being protected.
In order to maintain the level of service that you expect from our office, we may need to share personal medical and/or financial information with your insurance company, third party payer, Worker’s Compensation (and your employer in this instance), other healthcare practitioners, or with anyone that you authorize.
Types of information that we gather and use:
• Financial information includes your insurance coverage, out of pocket costs, or personal financial arrangement with Healing Path Acupuncture.
• Medical information includes health history, treatment notes, test results, and any letters, emails or telephone conversations with other health care practitioners.
• From health care providers, insurance companies, workman’s compensation and your employer, and other third party administrators (requests for medical records, claim payments information).
Types of disclosure:
The following are examples of the types of disclosures that Healing Path Acupuncture is permitted to make without specific written consent:
• Medical emergency while at Healing Path Acupuncture office.
• Mandated reporting by Massachusetts law.
• Judicial or administrative proceeding in response to a legal order or other lawful process, including subpoena.
Otherwise, your personal information will only be disclosed after the Authorization for Disclosure of Health/Financial Information Form is signed by you, your guardian, or authorized agent. Upon request, Healing Path Acupuncture will obtain personal information about you only after the Authorization to Obtain Health Information Form is signed by you, your guardian, or authorized agent.
You have the right to review and obtain a copy of your records at Healing Path Acupuncture. You have the right to amend or modify your records if you believe they are inaccurate or incomplete. All requests must be in writing and will be granted if reasonable and appropriate.
Types of communication that we use:
• Telephone, voicemail messages, texting for emergencies • Email
• Letters and fax
Safeguards in our office to protect your personal information include:
• Limited access to the office where information is stored.
• Secured network for credit/debit card processing.
• Computer password protection.
• Any business associate of Healing Path Acupuncture that may have access to patient’s personal information
is required to sign a business agreement. Business associates include any legal firm, accountant, consultant,
billing service, volunteers/assistants or other person that may have access to patient’s personal information.
• All medical files and records (including telephone, letters, email, and faxes) are stored according to
Massachusetts law.
• Telephone voicemail and texting messages will include as minimal information as possible.
• Each fax and email will include a confidentiality statement.
Healing Path Acupuncture values our relationship and respects your right to privacy. If you have any questions about our privacy practices, please ask.
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