Your Customer Satisfaction Process
Karl Bimshas Consulting is interested in your Customer Satisfaction Process. You will receive a copy of your answers for your own benefit and action planning.
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Is your organization focused on customer service improvement?
Is your organization’s vision of ideal customer service clearly defined?
Does your company have a formal process for improving customer service?
Has your organization calculated the cost of losing a client?
Are the employees in your organization clear about who their internal and external customers are?
Does your organization measure customer satisfaction?
Does your organization inspect customer service processes?
Are customer-facing employees free to take action to resolve a negative customer experience?
Does your organization use any strategies to improve customer satisfaction?
Does your organization engage in regular training to improve customer service?
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What are the current vital few customer improvement issues your organization must address?
What would have to happen in the next 90 days for you to feel like you’re making positive progress with your Customer Satisfaction Process?
Overall, how satisfied are you with your own customer satisfaction process?
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