Summer 18 Volunteer Sign-up
In order to offer as many sessions as we can - food and activities - this summer, we need as many volunteers as possible. We can afford to do much more than previous years thanks to some generous funding, but it still needs people power. If you can help at all, please complete as much of the info below as possible. Your personal details will be held solely for the administration of the summer programme.
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If you already have a current valid DBS, First Aid or Food Hygiene certificate, please let us know. A free Food Hygiene course will be run prior to the summer programme beginning - this is an informal 90 minute session and you will receive a South Tyneside Council certificate in Food Safety for attending. All are welcome to these, so please take advantage. We'd like all food prep volunteers to try and take one of the sessions.
I hold a current DBS certificate
I hold a current First Aid certificate
I hold a current Food Safety or Level 2 Food Hygiene certificate
I could attend the following Food Safety session:
This section gives you an opportunity to identify what you would be able to help with. The next one will ask for available dates - obviously we will need to match up the two (ie. pre-registration help will not be needed at the end of August). Also, ticking as many things as possible will help us run the broadest programme, but don't worry, we (hopefully!) won't ask you to do everything you've ticked!
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I have the following special needs/health issues the team would need to be aware of:
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I am ok with being caught in photographs during the sessions (for recording purposes, reporting/marketing through church) *
(you can obviously notify us of more/less later, but we can only run if we can rely on the required number of volunteers per session, so please here select times and dates that you can *definitely* put in your diaries. thanks)
Morning sessions will run from 10.00 - 12.45, afternoon sessions from 12.00 - 3.00, lunch overlaps.
Monday am
Monday pm
Tuesday pm
Wednesday am
Wednesday pm
Thursday pm
Friday am
Week 1 (w/b 23rd July)
Week 2 (w/b 30th July)
Week 3 (w/b 6th Aug)
Week 4 (w/b 13th Aug)
Week 5 (w/b 20th Aug)
Week 6 (w/b 27th Aug)
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