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Q1 - What your software does
Question 1.1: Does your website and documentation provide a clear, high-level overview of your software? *
Question 1.2: Does your website and documentation clearly describe the type of user who should use your software? *
Question 1.3: Do you publish case studies to show how your software has been used by yourself and others? *
Q2 - Your project's and software's identity
Question 2.1: Is the name of your project/software unique? *
Question 2.2: Is your project/software name free from trademark violations? *
Q3 - Availability of your software
Question 3.1: Is your software available as a package that can be deployed without building it? *
Question 3.2: Is your software available for free? *
Question 3.3: Is your source code publicly available to download, either as a downloadable bundle or via access to a source code repository? *
Question 3.4: Is your software hosted in an established, third-party repository likeGitHub (, BitBucket (,LaunchPad ( orSourceForge ( *
Q4 - Your software's documentation
Question 4.1: Is your documentation clearly available on your website or within your software? *
Question 4.2: Does your documentation include a "quick start" guide, that provides a short overview of how to use your software with some basic examples of use? *
Question 4.3: If you provide more extensive documentation, does this provide clear, step-by-step instructions on how to deploy and use your software? *
Question 4.4: Do you provide a comprehensive guide to all your software’s commands, functions and options? *
Question 4.5: Do you provide troubleshooting information that describes the symptoms and step-by-step solutions for problems and error messages? *
Question 4.6: If your software can be used as a library, package or service by other software, do you provide comprehensive API documentation? *
Question 4.7: Do you store your documentation under revision control with your source code? *
Question 4.8: Do you publish your release history e.g. release data, version numbers, key features of each release etc. on your web site or in your documentation? *
Q5 - How you support your software
Question 5.1: Does your software describe how a user can get help with using your software? *
Question 5.2: Does your website and documentation describe what support, if any, you provide to users and developers? *
Question 5.3: Does your project have an e-mail address or forum that is solely for supporting users? *
Question 5.4: Are e-mails to your support e-mail address received by more than one person? *
Question 5.5: Does your project have a ticketing system to manage bug reports and feature requests? *
Question 5.6: Is your project's ticketing system publicly visible to your users, so they can view bug reports and feature requests? *
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