OneJoy Unit 1A - Eligibility Verification
Unit 1A is regulated under the city of Portland’s Inclusionary Zoning Regulations which govern how the unit may be marketed, the income level of the prospective buyer, and the maximum allowable sales price, which is determined by formula at the time of contract. If you have an interest in this unit, please complete the form below. We will work with the City of Portland to determine if you are an eligible household based on the city’s income limitations. If you meet the qualifications, you will have the option to enter into a Purchase and Sale Agreement.
Owner Household & Income Verification
In accordance with Division 30 of Portland’s Zoning Ordinance, a Workforce Ownership Housing Agreement has been entered into by the City of Portland and the owner of Onejoy Place to ensure one unit of housing at 1 Joy Place remains affordable to households earning at or below 120% of the area median income (AMI). To assist the City of Portland and Onejoy Place, LLC in the administration and enforcement of the Affordability Agreement, please complete this questions below. The information you provide will remain confidential.
Household Composition *
Maximum Household Size for Unit 1A is 2 occupants. How many people will live at Unit 1A (including yourself)?
Occupant #1's Annual Income *
For a 1 person household, 120% of Area Median Income Limit for 2018 is $75,700 (full salary/wages before taxes).
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Occupant #2's Annual Income
If there will be another occupant residing in Unit 1A, what is their Annual Income? For a 2 person household, 120% of Area Median Income Limit for 2018 is $86,500 (full salary/wages before taxes). This limit also applies even if only one of the occupants is working.
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All Occupant's Combined Total Annual Income *
Occupant 1 Income + Occupant 2 Income
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