Felicity Collective Application
Apply to join the Felicity Collective either as a client, biz partner, or both! Please check out the requirements below + fill out the form and I'll be in touch with you via email with further details as soon as possible.

✔️ Must be willing to stay connected to and communicate with myself + our amazing community (connection = accountability + consistency + support to help you reach your goals)
✔️ Must be willing + able to invest $$ into yourself for the resources and supplies you need to get started (this investment is for YOU, your health, and/or your business, and we can discuss your options and what is right for you)

If you want to do the business, you must:
✔️ Be disciplined and carve out focused time to grow your business (even if it's just 20-30 minutes/day)
✔️ Have an entrepreneurial spirit (building your own biz can be challenging, but oh-so-incredibly-fun-and-rewarding!)
✔️ Be teachable (you don't have to have any experience to begin [I didn't!], but you do have to be willing + eager to learn)
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If you're interested in the business, please answer the following questions. If not, skip this section and submit your answers.
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What would extra income mean to you and/or your family?
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Do you fit all the requirements above (time, investment, etc.)?
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