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You can also reach us at email or contact the organizers at the event.

P.S. We speak both Norwegian and English.
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1. What happened? *
Include a detailed description of the incident, how you became aware of it, and as many facts as you can, e.g. name(s) of person(s) and organization(s) involved, date(s), time(s), location(s), and witness(es). If the matter relates to you, please indicate this clearly.
2. Are you feeling safe? *
Let us know if you need immediate assistance to ensure your safety.
3. Can we contact you? *
We may want to contact you to make sure you are safe, or to investigate this report further. Let us know if we can reach out to you.
How can we contact you if you would like to hear from us?
Let us know the best way to get in touch (e.g. email, phone, in-person). We will keep your contact info protected.
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