TAGG for Tuition School Registration
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School Name *
Approximately how many families attend your school? *
What sections of the school (and parish) are applicable? (These will be added to the app for supporters to choose). *
When do you want the program to begin? (If unchecked, we will begin ASAP)
What is the percentage breakdown for your school? (Usually we use 50% tuition, 35% school, 15% retained by TAGG). Unless requested otherwise we will use this breakdown.
What month(s) do you want your payouts? One annual payout is standard unless tuition credits are applied during the school year. *
Please choose a payout method: *
TAGG will provide a report showing the tuition breakdown by family when sending your payout. Do you agree to credit the families' accounts? *
To prevent the school from having to distribute extremely small amounts, we typically require a minimum raised requirement of $50 (or $25 going to tuition). Therefore if a family raises less than $50 when funds are paid out, all their funds are kept with the school. Please select one of the following. *
What businesses would your families like to see on TAGG?
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