Doodley Doodles 2019
Ever find yourself mindlessly scribbling random body parts in your margins? Or ever wanted to pursue a career in art but ended up in medicine instead (whoops)? Well, LOOK NO FURTHER. We want your doodles to add to Trephine 2k19!

Please complete this form and submit your bestest (high quality .jpeg) doodles to:
Name your file with you initials_title of doodle (e.g. VH_finetrees).

Doodling 101:
1. Bits of paper - please make these doodles as large as possible and submit a high-res photo or scan of your doodle; alternatively you can hunt down a Trephine editor and throw all bits of paper their way
2. iPad/tablet scribbles - please save/screenshot and submit to us as a .jpeg file

Submitting this Google form gives the 2019 Trephine editors consent to include your images in the magazine. Unfortunately, not all images may be included in the final copy of Trephine.
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