Constructing Personal Archives Finale (27-28 Feb)
We invite you to the finale, a public showcase of the projects from CPA 2020 incubation program. Please add our email addresses to your contacts:,
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Please avoid keeping your web Whatsapp on or mobile phones on sound mode, when your handle is unmuted.

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The Google Meet link is only for registered users and should not be shared with any other person, without our knowledge.

Questions will be collected via the Google Doc (and not the chat window on Google meet) to avoid any disturbance.

In case you are facing any troubles connecting, please message Vallabhi on +91 - 96 86 87 26 68.
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Crowd Funding Campaign for CPA Finale & Publication
As a collective, we have decided to keep the Finale event to be free for all. But we could use your kind support, and further our initiative of developing a short publication about CPA program. Do check out this link and also do forward it to others who might be interested in supporting this initiative:

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