PARTICIPANT QUESTIONNAIRE Early Music Week at World Fellowship Center, June 23 - 30, 2019
Responding to these questions will help us to arrange the classes to suit everyone as well as possible.

If a certain question doesn't apply to you, just leave it blank.
Love and War: Music as Mirror of the Human Condition
This year we are offering two tracks for the morning classes: participants registering for dance will spend the morning working with Ken Pierce, while students registering in music will spend the morning working in small groups with the music faculty. In the afternoons there will be opportunities for all to make music, and there will be dance and movement opportunities for all throughout the week.
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(Musicians may skip this question, or answer it if it is relevant to you – there will be opportunities for you to dance as well!)
Please tell us a bit about your background in dance in general, and particularly historical dance:
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For musicians:
(Dancers may skip the rest of the questionnaire if you like, but if you are intending to play in afternoon programs it may be helpful for us to know what you play, and what instruments you plan on bringing with you)
Principal instrument(s)
Please list your principal instrument(s), including size where appropriate
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Please give your lowest & highest comfortable notes, and the part you usually sing
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Please list the instruments (and sizes for recorders and viols) that you can play and will bring with you:
Preferences & notes for recorders
e.g. "prefer to play alto" or "I can bring an alto, but I really read soprano and tenor better" or "I only have a soprano and alto, but I can play any recorder" etc.
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Viols at A=415
Could you bring another viol at A=440?
For use in mixed reading sessions and/or classes
Preferences & notes for viols
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Plucked strings
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Can you bring a keyboard?
Tell us a bit about it
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Other winds:
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Other strings:
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Any other instruments:
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Background and preferences
Please describe your musical activities, including lessons and performances, and your levels of proficiency on your different instruments.
Include any changes we should know about, such as recent lessons, performances, etc.
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Would you enjoy playing/singing a solo part?
Are you interested in performing?
Have you made your reservations yet with World Fellowship Center?
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