ACE-igloo Corporate Innovators Networking Session
As part of the Singapore Smart Cities Summit by igloohome, Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) is sponsoring the Corporate Innovators Networking Session.

Who Should Come?
Corporate Innovators

What is a Corporate Innovator?
By corporate innovators, we mean people who hold the title of head of innovation, head of transformation, CTO and similar roles or in teams with those functions at corporations and government entities. Regardless of title, the deciding factor is whether you are tasked with bringing in new technologies and changes for your company or your company’s businesses. The definition excludes those advising other companies on change but include those that do corporate venturing for the company itself in the form of investments. A lot of grey areas here so sign up and we will reach out if you are right.

Why Should Corporate Innovators Come?
We are seeking out corporate innovators globally to build a corporate innovators network. The network and the networking session will probably be the first of such that connects corporate innovators not just to startups and new technologies, but also to other corporate innovators globally to encourage cross pollination of innovative ideas across different industries.

When and Where is the Networking Session?
Aug. 30, 2:15pm - 3:15pm, JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach, Grand Ballroom

How do I Sign Up?
Fill up the form below. All ELIGIBLE corporate innovators will receive a free ticket to the Singapore Smart Cities Summit by igloohome (worth SG$500) where the networking session is held. Please note that information is accessible by igloohome and ACE and may be used for outreach in future.

What is Singapore Smart Cities Summit by igloohome?
See website for more details –

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