The case of the Mayor's stolen teddy bear
On a nice sunny day in Calgary when the COVID-19 crisis was over, you and your parents are walking in Olympic Plaza. You noticed the warm sun shining on your face, people singing and laughing and a rainbow seen in the mist of the water fountain.
Suddenly, you hear someone scream. You look around and follow the sound of terror until you run into a person in a nice suit frantically yelling for help. You noticed it was the Mayor of Calgary. He yells, “Someone came up to me, grabbed my teddy bear and ran into that building over there!!”. You look in the direction of the building and noticed a piece of paper that someone accidentally dropped. You picked it up and it read,
The Mayor asks if you can help him find his teddy bear as it is very special to him. "Yes Mayor, I will help you find your teddy bear.", you replied. The Mayor responded, "Oh thank you, that means so much to me". You lead your parents toward the building the thief ran towards.
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