Songs from Home
What were your plans for 2020? Were you planning on playing gigs or recording an album or touring the world? Or perhaps what you wanted was to have a jam in the garage out the back or just have a picnic in the park?

Then life changed overnight. What's your creative response to this time of isolation?

None of us were expecting to spend 2020 in isolation and for many it is not necessarily where we wanted to be. This compilation is a space for expression for new and emerging artists written in this time of isolation.

Submissions are from music schools, colleges and universities around the world.

So if you have a track about this strange isolation, or a song that you wrote to help get you through or maybe just something you created as a distraction or an outlet we want to hear it.

Submission Guidelines:
- Your song has to be written in isolation
- Your song does not have to be about being isolated
- It does not necessarily have to be in traditional song form, it can include different soundtracks or instrumental
- Your song can be a collaboration, but must submitted by a music student
- We are accepting all styles and genres
- You file/song must be mixed and high res for the submission

This compilation will be grand with expressions from all over the world, selected by the team at Tremorverse. We are so excited to see what you all create. Stay safe.

For any questions please don't hesitate to email us at
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