2017-18 WHSAA/NFHS Wrestling Rules Exam
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1. A legal uniform may consist of: *
2. Female contestants shall wear the following under any legal uniform: *
3. After a failed attempt to make weight, an athlete may: *
4. In a pinning situation, portions of both scapulae of the defensive wrestler may be: *
5. Near fall points or a fall may be earned when: *
6. When starting the contestants in the down position, the referee shall not: *
7. Illegal holds /maneuvers include: *
8. When scoring a match in dual meets or tournaments, errors by the timekeeper, official scorer or referee may be corrected: *
9. It is stalling when the contestant in the advantage: *
10. Team A has wrestlers wearing different combinations of uniforms. Which combination is not a compliant uniform: *
11. A series of matches in each of the NFHS weight classes in which individuals initially move from round to round as a team (pools) or advance based on team results culminating in the wrestler’s placement on an individual bracket with advancement from that point based on individual results would be: *
12. Competition in dual meets and tournaments shall be conducted by a random draw of all weight classes. *
13. Each state association may authorize exceptions to NFHS playing rules to provide reasonable accommodations to: *
14. Each individual state high school association shall develop and utilize a special weight-control program which will discourage: *
15. Each team shall designate a captain or captains: *
16. For health and safety reasons, the state association’s weight-control program shall require: *
17. Forfeits are no longer considered as matches wrestled when considering the limit of five matches in one day. *
18. In a dual meet, the random draw shall take place immediately preceding weigh-ins. *
19. No contestant shall wrestle in two consecutive matches with less than a ____________ rest between them. *
20. The order of weight class competition cannot be altered following the random draw. *
21. When a match is stopped for any reason, other than a termination, by rule it shall be restarted as if an out-of-bounds situation was declared. *
22. Coach Misconduct results in the following: *
23. ______ has the prerogative to default a match prior to the conclusion of wrestling. *
24. All points during bad time are canceled. *
25. At the meeting with the captains, prior to the start of a dual meet, the team winning the disk flip may choose either the odd or even matches or may defer the choice. *
26. Each match in a tournament shall be six minutes in length. *
27. In tournament competition, the choice at the start of the second period is determined by a toss of the disk. *
28. It is not possible for the first, second and third periods to all start from the neutral position. *
29. Overtime is not an extension of the regular match. *
30. Prior to the meet, the head coach shall verify that all wrestlers will be_____________. *
31. The first period of a consolation match may be one or two minutes in length. *
32. A 24-foot square wrestling area is illegal. *
33. At the center of the wrestling mat, the 10-foot circle is not required by rule. *
34. For dual meets, all team personnel, including coaches, other than actual participating contestants shall be restricted to an area which is at least ___ feet from the edge of the mat where facilities permit. *
35. Surrounding and secured to the wrestling area of the mat shall be a safety mat area approximately 5 feet wide. *
36. The mat area includes the wrestling mat and a space of at least ____________ surrounding the mat, as well as the team benches and scorer’s table where facilities permit. *
37. If a coach believes that an error has been made during a match, he/she must wait until the conclusion of the match in order to address the referee about this situation. *
38. When the timekeeper makes an error or the clock fails to start when the referee indicates time is to begin, the referee is to make a judgment concerning the amount of time that should have been consumed. *
39. A _______________ is when the defensive wrestler gains a neutral position and the opponent has lost control, beyond reaction time, while all the supporting points of either wrestler are inbounds. *
40. A default is awarded when a wrestler fails to appear for a match. *
41. A match is from the start of the first period until the conclusion of wrestling. *
42. A neutral position means neither wrestler has control. *
43. A series of matches, one in each of the 14 weight classifications, constitutes a dual meet. *
44. A takedown can be scored when only the feet of the scoring wrestler finish inbounds. *
45. Bad time is wrestled with the wrestlers in the wrong position or the wrong wrestler being give choice of position at the start of the ultimate tiebreaker. *
46. Control does not determine the awarding of points. *
47. Flagrant misconduct on the part of coaches or other team personnel are acts which ____________________. *
48. It is not bad time when a wrestler is not given the choice of position after the two-point stalling penalty. *
49. It is stalling when either wrestler repeatedly creates a stalemate situation to prevent an opponent from scoring. *
50. Once the offensive wrestler has assumed a legal starting position, he/she does not need to be stationary before the referee says "set." *
51. The mat area is only the wrestling mat. *
52. When a wrestler properly reports to the scorer’s table in a dual meet and then withdraws shall be: *
53. A double arm bar from the front, with the hands locked under the armpit, is illegal. *
54. Any hold with pressure extended over the opponent’s mouth, nose, throat or neck that restricts circulation or breathing is an illegal hold/maneuver. *
55. Grasping the ear guards of one’s opponent is considered an illegal hold/maneuver. *
56. The referee shall promptly stop all holds that are being used for punishment. *
57. Whenever possible, an illegal hold/maneuver shall be prevented rather than penalized. *
58. If the defensive wrestler is injured or indicates an injury or bleeding occurs after a three-point near fall is earned, the match will be stopped and a ______________ near fall shall be awarded. *
59. During the overtime, stalling shall be called as it is during the regular match. *
60. In the sudden-victory period of overtime, on a takedown or reversal straight to near-fall criteria, the match will be stopped as points have been scored. *
61. Overtime matches, in tournaments and dual meets, shall consist of one, one-minute period followed by two, ______________ tiebreakers, if necessary, and one, 30-second ultimate tiebreaker, if necessary. *
62. The wrestler who scores the first point(s) in the sudden-victory period shall be declared the winner. *
63. There is a one-minute rest period between the end of regulation time and the start of the first overtime period, so the referee can verify the score. *
64. When beginning the tiebreaker period, all points are removed and the score reverts to 0-0. *
65. A split scissors is not a potentially dangerous hold/maneuver. *
66. Any legal front headlock is a potentially dangerous situation. *
67. The chicken wing is categorized as an illegal hold/maneuver. *
68. The double wristlock is considered a potentially dangerous hold/maneuver. *
69. Before the dual meet begins, the referee shall perform skin checks or verify skin checks have been performed by a designated, on-site meet, appropriate health-care professional. *
70. During injury, blood or recovery time-outs, the referee should be in a position to monitor the appropriate clock and wrestlers. *
71. If the assistant referee disagrees with the referee, the referee shall stop the match to discuss the situation. *
72. The wrestling referee signal for unnecessary roughness is to cross both wrists in front of the chest. *
73. Before an individual, combination or team advancement tournament begins each day, the referee shall review with the official scorers and timekeeper the signals and procedures to be used. *
74. The person who decides the legality of all equipment is: *
75. When possible, the referee should award points on the edge of the mat calls: *
76. In a tournament scoring eight places ________ place points will be awarded for winning in the championship quarterfinal *
77. In dual-meet competition, a forfeit is scored the same number of points as a fall. *
78. In dual-meet competition, if both teams have identical scores at the end of the dual meet, and none of the tie-breaking system steps resolves the tie, a flip of the disk will determine the winner. *
79. The opponent of a wrestler who has used his/her five minutes of bleeding time will be awarded one point for each additional stoppage for bleeding. *
80. The coach and wrestler can use electronic device to communicate during match, when: *
81. Wrestlers may not wear wristbands, sweatbands or bicep bands during a match. *
82. Which of the following is not special equipment? *
83. If a wrestler's third penalty is stalling, his or her opponent will have choice of position on the next restart and will also be awarded two match points. *
84. It is stalling if neither wrestler can improve his/her position. *
85. It is stalling in the neutral position when a wrestler continually avoids contact with his opponent. *
86. Stalling never should be called when both wrestlers are wrestling aggressively. *
87. Stalling shall be called consistently from the start of the first period until the conclusion of the overtime. *
88. The defensive wrestler is stalling when overpowered. *
89. The match is always stopped when penalizing either wrestler for stalling. *
90. When warning or penalizing an individual for stalling in the neutral position, the match will not be stopped. *
91. A defensive wrestler must allow the offensive wrestler an opportunity to assume a legal starting position on either side. *
92. In the neutral starting position, both wrestlers must be stationary at the start. *
93. In the offensive starting position, the offensive wrestler may place a foot or a knee on the mat between the opponent's feet or leg. *
94. The referee should not establish eye contact with the scorer's table when starting contestants from the down position. *
95. A stalemate can occur only when one wrestler is in control. *
96. After three stoppages for adjustment of ear guards, the referee shall award one penalty point to the opponent. *
97. Although not a requirement, the referee may stop the match on any potentially dangerous situation. *
98. As soon as one wrestler goes out of bounds, the referee shall stop the match. *
99. For any wrestler who is bleeding, a maximum of _____ minutes will be allowed to control the bleeding, and there is also a limit of two occurrences per match. *
100. If a wrestler is injured or indicates an injury, the referee shall stop the match. *
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