2021 CXPA Virtual Presentation Proposal
CXPA is committed to organizing and delivering virtual programs that respond to our greatest member and stakeholder interests. If you are interested and willing to lead such a program as a volunteer speaker, please complete this form with your top one to three program proposals in these interest areas. To learn more about how the interest areas below were determined, please visit <<insert link>>.

Please be as complete as possible. We plan to share the collected information with CXPA Network leaders and program planners. By completing and submitting this form, you are giving permission for us to share this information with these planners who may contact you directly to schedule a virtual presentation by you on a mutually agreed date and time.
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To serve the diversity of the CX profession, program planners have asked that we collect demographic information to help them consider the diversity of their program speakers across their program offerings. Providing demographic information is optional.
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