Fortnight Fight 2019 - Round 4
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- The usual Bloc 11 start holds standard applies where ever possible - white plugs in the bolds indicate the starting hand holds, the rest of the climb uses black bolts.

- Each climb uses a single colour (e.g. green holds only).

- Reaching and controlling the top hold of the climb with both hands will get you the full value of points for that climb.

- Each completed climb is worth 40 points.

- Controlling the halfway "zone" hold (marked with coloured tape) of a climb will get you 20 points for that climb.

- Flashing (getting to the top on your first ever attempt) of a climb will get you an ADDITIONAL 10 points for that climb.

- Wood volumes are on route for all climbs

- Spot each other and make sure your landing is clear before starting on a climb.

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