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A door split (also known as a door deal or door cut) is the ticket revenues split between the Host and Artist (after youbloom’s fee), which is paid out by youbloom following the gig. For example, an 80/20 split means the Artist takes 80% while the Host takes 20%. Please note that youbloom takes a commission of 17% on ticket sales.
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How it Works
We will provide you with information on artists/bands that are a good match for your venue. You will be able to see fan commitments for these artists in your area. If both you and the artist(s) agree to do a show, then you will be put in contact with each other, and you will directly negotiate the terms of the show and create an agreement for the show between you and the artist(s). Connect will not be a party to the agreement, but must receive 17% of the show's revenue as a beneficiary of the agreement and as compensation for "Connect's" services. Fans and artists can rate you as a host and this information will be provided to artists and fans for future gigs. Please confirm you understand how youbloomConnect works.
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