Latin Maxims & Phrases - Quiz #14
12 multiple choice questions with one option correct of 1 point each.
“Nemo de domo sua ______ potest.”
Hint: No man can be dragged out of his own house.
1 point
“Nemo plus juris in alium ______ potest quam ipse habet.”
Hint: No one can confer a better right to another than lie has himself.
1 point
“Nemo est haeres ______.”
Hint: No man is heir of a living person.
1 point
“Nemo potest esse agens et ______.”
Hint: No one can be alike an active and a passive party.
1 point
“Nemo debet bis ______ pro una et eadem causa.”
Hint: No one ought to be tried twice (twice put to trouble') for one and the same cause.
1 point
“Nemo potest mutare ______ suum in alterius injuriam.”
Hint: No one can change his purpose (or advice) to the injury of another.
1 point
“______ vincit legem.”
Hint: Necessity defeats the law.
1 point
“Nemo contra factum suum venire ______.”
Hint: No one can go against his own deed.
1 point
“Nemo dat quod non ______.”
Hint: No one can give what lie has not.
1 point
“Nam ______ leges inter arma.”
Hint: Laws are silent in time of war.
1 point
“______ non habet legem.”
Hint: Necessity has no law.
1 point
“Nemo debet ______, pro uno delicto.”
Hint: No one should be twice punished for the same offence.
1 point
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