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All WeatherInsiders that answered the quiz questions by March 31, 2019 were entered into a drawing to win a Davis Instruments YETI mug.

Congratulations to our winner!

Stay tuned for more fun games & giveaways.

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Death Valley is famous for being hot and dry. It’s also famous for *
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Which of these did NOT happen in 1969? *
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California has been a leader in United States agriculture production for 50 years with 4% of the country’s total farms. It is by far the leading producer of all grape varieties, and dominates in the production of dairy, fruit, nuts and vegetables. For Americans, some of the food on your dinner plate tonight was probably grown in California, but other states probably contributed too. Which of these likely sources of your supper is WRONG? *
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About how much rain fell on the roof of Davis Instruments on February 10th, when we were in the midst of an atmospheric river? (Info you need: WeatherLink reported 0.51 inches/13 mm of rain. Our roof is about 50,000 square feet/5,000 square meters to keep it simple.) *
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Learn more about the new Davis AeroCone that improves the accuracy of rain data:
EXTRA POINT: What in the world is an atmospheric river? *
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