RESULTS Anti-Oppression Reporting Form
RESULTS knows that “poverty cannot end as long as oppression exists”, so we are doing everything possible to uncover oppression in ourselves and the organization and eliminate it. We also see incidents of oppression, while certainly jarring and offensive, as learning opportunities and do our best to glean the wisdom they provide to make us better as advocates, as an organization, and as people. To learn more about our commitment to anti-oppression, see our Anti-Oppression Values and resources (

Part of our effort is to investigate, acknowledge, and try to remedy incidents of oppression when they arise. If you want to report an oppressive incident that occurred in your capacity as a RESULTS volunteer or staff person, or as a participant in a RESULTS event, please complete the form below.

We know these kinds of incidents can provoke intense emotions, so we only ask that you complete the form as best as you can. All responses are optional and confidential. The form also gives you the option to have staff follow up with you.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

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