Self survey (自我调查)
Hello, this is an ANONYMOUS and VOLUNTARY survey about people who fell for the so-called Pig-Butchering scam (Romance-investment scam). No names are recorded. Only few questions are mandatory. Answer only once. Finally, we CANNOT promise to recover your losses.

This data will be used to find out who we are as a group, and how we lobby our case to the media, law enforcement (e.g. FBI), financial reform advocates, influencers, and lawmakers. Most think that people who fell for the scam are just old, simple-minded or plain greedy. That gives too little credit to how good these scammers planned the whole scam. We want to show that we are responsible people from every walk of life, and for some of us, the situation is very desperate.

To find out the results, see and subscribe to our weekly newsletter (scroll to bottom of the site). We invite you also to register your case on to join our group. For any questions, feedback and complaints about the survey email:

--Jan S.



要想知道结果,请看。我们还邀请您在 "联系我们 "上登记您的案例,以加入我们的小组。关于调查的任何问题、反馈和投诉,请发电子邮件至

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As a preview, right now all we have is this, from 102 respondents.    作为预览,现在我们的信息统计只有这个图片(关于年龄分布的),来自102个受访者。
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