Sparks and Brownies - Just Gotta Camp!
This is a one-night tenting experience for Sparks and Brownies at Woodwards Landing. They will get to enjoy a campfire, camp cooking, a craft, and learning about how to camp with Girl Guides! Patrols are to register as 1 Guider with 4 to 5 Sparks or Brownies. Patrol fee includes all meals, program, site fee, event crest and surprise swag item.

Dates/ Times: Sparks - June 14th at 5pm to June 15th at 11am or Brownies - June 15th at 1pm to June 16th at 11am
Cost: $25 per Spark and their Guider or $35 per Brownie and their Guider (GST included)
Capacity: 50 participants per night
Forms: Available at

To register for the camp please fill out the online patrol registration form and mail patrol forms (Patrol Registration Checklist, SG2s and H1s) and patrol registration fee to Vanessa Neuman, BSMT - 2460 E Georgia St, Vancouver BC, V5K 2J5. Registrations will be accepted until May 10th, or until the maximum number of girls is reached, whichever comes first. Please make patrol registration fee cheques payable to "GGC - West Coast Area".

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