Parras Middle School Digital Tip Form
The purpose of this form is to report or tip school administrators to a student concern at Parras Middle School.
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How To Use This Form
1)  If this is a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 instead of using this form.

2)  Please know that while on campus during school hours you may come directly to the main office for immediate in-person support with an administrator or counselor.

3)  We use paper-based incident report forms in our office to report concerns that can be used in lieu of this online form.

4)  This digital form may be used to report a concern with or without identifying yourself.  Please note that if you would like school staff to follow-up with you directly, you should provide your contact information.  If you prefer to remain anonymous, that is okay too.

Is this a student, or student's family member reporting? *
What is your name?  (OPTIONAL)
What is your contact information (email and/or phone number)?  (OPTIONAL)
Please explain the concern, and if there was a specific incident, please include details such as date, time, location, and who was involved. *
Thank you for reporting this information to us!   If you gave contact information, we will follow up with you.
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