Eastbourne Sunshine Carnival 2018
Carnival 2018 will be a celebration of local heroes and heroines. Express an interest early to ensure we can get in touch with further details.

If you do not have all the information to hand as regards the details of your entry please submit a form with as much as detail as you can and we will refine the information nearer the event.

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If so - how many (estimated) people will be walking with your entry?
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Is your entry a motorised entry?
Also state "yes" if you have a support vehicle which will be playing music.
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Please advise the (estimated) length of your motorised entry
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What type of entry are you?
Is your entry a charity group?
Please note that the money collected will be going into a single collection for legal reasons and charitable distrubition will be made on an equal basis to charity floats that have entered the carnival.
Please advise your charity commission registration number:
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Is your entry a voluntary group
Is your entry a public sector type
E.g. school
Is your entry a commercial one?
Are you an individual entry?
Are you a musical entry?
By musical entry we mean will you be making any musical output at all? We need this to keep enough space between musical entries to stop drowning out!
Photo Disclosure
Please acknowledge that you understand that there will be photographs taken during the event and that the organisers have no control over this.
Any motorised vehicles on the route need adequate insurance. You should contact you insurance provider to determine if you have the right cover. Please note that vehicular entries without insurance will be required to subscribe to a one off insurance policy for the event if they are modified in anyway. Details are available from the office. Do you have insurance for a vehicle?
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