Volunteer Interest for BWB-TXFlood Support

Burners Without Borders - TXFloods is now accepting volunteers for Texas Flood Recovery. No special skills or previous experience is necessary, just a willingness to work hard for a good cause. Please fill out all information so we can register your interest in volunteering and find the best time and place for you to join us.

Please note that submitting this application DOES NOT guarantee you a spot in Texas. DO NOT book ANY travel unless you have received an email confirming that you have a place to volunteer in Texas.

Due to the sheer number of evacuees and people coming in, there are limits on our housing options, transportation ability and our supply chains will be stressed.

Thank you for wanting to help out, and keep an eye on ways to help remotely through high tech means, donations or helping organize those donation/supplies from afar.

As well, remember there are short term needs, but the long term recovery effort will take months if no years. We'll need people to come down and work over all of this, so there will be ways to help here as we go on with that sustained effort.

You must cover the cost of and be radically self-reliant for:
1. travel to and from the site
2. meals
3. costs associated with any breaks
4. your personal items and necessary gear (including medication)

**We also need bilingual volunteers.**

Please note that completing this form only informs us of your interest in volunteering with our team. We will be in contact with you soon with more information on how you can help.

Thank you!

BWB-TXFloods respects your right to privacy and will not share your personal information with any third parties.

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