Get Fit Great Falls Inspired Menu Submissions

We are excited to partner with local restaurants to develop our “Get Fit Inspired Menu”. This menu consists of items submitted to us that meet our identified nutritional guidelines. We will share these menus via social media and print in the Great Falls area.

• Servings of fruit and/or vegetables ( 1 cup raw, ½ cup cooked)
• Lean protein (at least 3-4 oz or 84-112 grams)
• Calories (750 or less)
• Saturated fat (8g or less)

• Calories (250 or less)
• Saturated Fat (3g or less)

A Few Things To Remember:
• Deep fried items should be excluded
• Beans can count as a vegetable or a protein- not both in the same recipe.
• Use to find nutritional information for recipes.

For any questions, help filling out the form, or if you would like to submit your menu items via a spreadsheet, please email us at

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