2018 AquatiFur DJ Application
Thank you for your interest playing at AquatiFur 2018! We are so thrilled to hear what you got!

Our dances this year are on Friday, Saturday, and the dead dog on Sunday.

Just a reminder that the deadline to apply is December 5th, 2018 at 11:59 PM CST. Any applications after this time will NOT be considered.

We do have some ground rules to help us select the best talent for our attendees:

+All DJs will be selected through this application. Failure to provide the required info will disqualify you from playing.

+You are required to have a badge for the convention. Failure to obtain one will result in an alternate taking your time slot.

+Please take your time filling in this application, mistakes may result in removal from consideration.

+Each slot is 1 hour long. There will be no swapping of timeslots. Timeslots are selected by the DJ Team. If you have a problem, please email dj@aquatifur.com.

+Special requests will be considered if placed in this form but there are no guarantees. You may edit this form up until the deadline. Once the Deadline has passed, all changes are final.

At anytime if you have any questions, please feel free to email dj@aquatifur.com.

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DJ Selection Process
We require 2-3 samples of your mixes for our selection process. We prefer links however if you do not have mixes online, please email us at dj@aquatifur.com and attach them.
Please link us 2 to 3 demos to aid us in selection. (If sending via email, please list email address again) *
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