Be an e-Mentor Registration 2018-19
Would you like to lend your scientific expertise to help mentor a student with a research or engineering project? If the answer is yes, read on…

The mentor program offers an opportunity for students to contact an adult who has some level of knowledge or expertise in science or engineering who can provide suggestions VIA EMAIL only to improve student project procedures before students start to build a prototype or run their experiment.

Being an e-Mentor is an opportunity to help ensure students have thought through their procedures, have adequate controls, and appropriate quantitative measurements for their project. This program is NOT designed to pick an expert’s brain for project ideas, or to provide students with a lab or materials. Instead, the goal is to fine tune the project idea, procedures, and offer suggestions to improve their project or help with data analysis, graphing etc.

Our system shows that most e-Mentors spend less than 5 hours supporting students as they prepare their projects for experimentation.

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