2022 eCLOSE UG Train@Home Application
Deadline: May 16, 2022 @ 11:59PM (Eastern) or max capacity reached. eCLOSE will be reviewing no more than 50 applications.
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Thank you for your interest in the eCLOSE Institute's Undergraduate Bridge Train@Home Program.

Carefully read and complete each section of the application and click Submit no later than the due date posted (Monday, May 16, 2022 BY 11:59pm. The Google application dropbox will not accept applications after this time. An automatic notification will be sent to your listed email stating that your application was received.

eCLOSE Institute programs are not  grade, experience, nor standardized test driven programs. It is of the utmost importance to write honestly and without exaggeration. ALL aspects of a student's background are important factors! Wwrite carefully and make yourself come to life in the responses to the open-ended questions.

The form may not be saved to future work and we ask that you only click “Submit” once. If you make an error and need to resubmit, Google Forms makes you complete the form from the beginning. Please scroll through the application or print-screen to work on the sections prior to completing and submitting the application. If you wish to work on a digital copy and then transcribe the application all at once, please downloaded the .pdf version of the file.  

The link to a printable PRACTICE-only .pdf is included here:  

You may resubmit an application, but you will have to complete the entire thing, Google Forms does not save the progress. .
PLEASE respond in FULL sentences and use numbers when prompted to make an itemized list. Follow section/question instructions carefully.
Do NOT use:
       Bullet points
       or any other formatting type-characters.
Using these characters will render your application unreadable, by the Selection Committee, in the response pages.
Thank you!!

For questions regarding the eCLOSE Institute UG Bridge Train@Home program or the application process please email: Admin@ecloseinstitute.org

2022 eCLOSE Institute Train@Home Requirements and Pre-requisites
Applicants MUST be either rising high school seniors, high school graduates in a "gap" period, or current undergraduates. Post-secondary programs include: 2-year and 4-year colleges AND vocational/technical training programs
Applicants MUST have completed BOTH high school biology and chemistry. These courses set the base for vocabulary and techniques used by eCLOSE Institute.

eCLOSE Pipeline:
Students that participated in an eCLOSE camp or workforce program and still meet the above, may WAIVE either biology or chemistry as a pre-requisite. (Not both).

eCLOSE@Home is a virtual-hybrid program! ALL materials, equipment, and supplies will be sent to participants or a contactless meeting will be arranged. :-)
Program fees
All materials, equipment, AND shipping are included in the eCLOSE Institute's Undergraduate Bridge Train@Home program.
Cost for shipping: $1250
Cost if lab kit is picked up: $999
To maintain the highest level of equity and reduce barriers to program access, please note below if you would require a partial or full scholarship to participate. This is NOT a selection driving criteria and the selection committee will NOT see this response. If selected for the 2022 summer cohort, this information remains confidential. *
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